Windows Defender Fix

  1. Press windows key and X, select Settings
  2. Clipboard06
  3. Select Update and Security
  4. Select Windows Defender on left
  5. Click Open Windows Defender Security SystemClipboard07
  6. Click Virus and Threat DetectionClipboard08.jpg
  7. Select Virus and Threat Protection SettingsClipboard09
  8. scroll down and click add or remove exclusionsClipboard10.jpg
  9. Click the + sign and hit “Process”Clipboard11
  10. Type eqgame.exe and hit add
  11. Hit yes on the pop up
  12. Click the + sign and hit “Process”Clipboard11
  13. Type Gina.exe and hit add
  14. Hit yes on the pop up
  15. Hit the X in the upper right corner.