EQ Plane of Fear – Revisited

This is The Broken Mirror’s Fear Raid

Plan for the full 6 hours. You have a 6 hour timer. PERIOD. You can not clear trash one night and come back the next for named.

Alliance of Hope tried this raid last night and here is what we learned.

Just like the old days break in is a bitch, only thing is now we have

rez token

I suggest all Feign Death users get a few.

First thing that has changed is you can go in group format with mercenaries, but once you start a raid mercenaries are not allowed.

You can not banner inside fear.

You can not campfire inside fear

This is very helpful for the break in.

Just like the old days you need a break in group.

  • 1 Monk
  • 1 SK
  • 2 LIVE Clerics
  • 1 Warrior
  • 1 Shaman

Clerics/ Shaman zone in first and DA. Rest of the group zones in. Monk and SK run and FD at the safe spot marked on map. Clerics run to the safe spot and remove DA and die.

Fear Break in

Monks and SK are to drag bodies to the safe spot if needed then rez token in a live cleric.

Clerics rez the group and the clearing begins.

Once zone in is clear bring in the raid and get busy killing trash.

Quick refresh on mob types

  • Shiverbacks
  • Thought Bleeders
  • Scarelings – these Shadow Step you
  • Spinechiller Spiders
  • a scar-covered shiverback
  • Fetid Fiends
  • Worry Wraiths
  • Tentacle Tormentors – these cast a knock back
  • an ice-encrusted spine chiller
  • Turmoil Toads-these cast fear
  • a trembling courier
  • a grim ruffian
  • Boogeyman
  • Samhain
  • Frightfingers
  • Amygdalan Knights
  • Koth the Lobe-Gorged
  • Phantasms
  • Gorgons
  • Glare Lords – these drain Endurance/Mana
  • an anxiety corpuscle
  • a wailing wretch
  • a wildly gesticuating digit
  • a trepid gazer
  • a writhing maw of misery
  • Photoplasm
  • Nightmares – these Blind


These mob are unvunerable until approx 100 of the above mobs are cleared in the first attempt. You can not clear trash and then get a new task to go kill named another night.

  • dracoliche –
    • Draco splits at 75%, 50% and 25% into 4, 5 and 7 skeletal constructs with about 20mil HP’s. After a period of time, they will despawn and the number left up determines whether you get hit with a PBAE of 1.2mil, 185k, 130k or 65k.- flutegirl
    • There is a PBAE 1 tic fear which can disrupt healing also – flutegirl
  • All three of these golems must die to get the Triad Chest to pop. There is no loot for killing just one.
    • The 3 golems have some mechanics that can’t be ignored. You have to kill the adds on two of them, then spread out and avoid the totems on the 3rd. – lila
    • The mobs now despawn/respawn on a reset also – So it means that Terror’s Totems will despawn if you aggro him early.-flutegirl
      • Dread – Known to have adds.Known to have 682,626,455 HP
      • Fright- Known to have adds.
      • Terror-Casts Totems
  • Cazic Thule-
    • CT could have a lower DPS solution that doesn’t involve killing the hearts, if enough of the raid can survive the repeated huge AE’s plus adds, plus tanking CT. But the event is a LOT easier without having all the hearts explode – lila