EQ In Defense of Health

This is a newer version of the Heroic Adventure and it is designed to be easier and faster to complete. They added a 3 hour lock out to the task.

This mission starts in Demiplane of Life with Kerath Punox

Kerath NPC


The keyword to request the mission is private then  job then  still interested.

The tasks locks on request.

The only unclear step is the first one. Where to go?

This task takes place in Plane of Health. Click the crystal at zone in to get into the instance.

There is a few variations of this mission


Defense of health 2

Tonight’s variation

in defense of health 2

Kill the 5 mobs at the zone in

Step 2 is harder to find

in defense of health 3

MOb chests

Kill the mobs and beat down the chests.

Step 3


They are just up that ramp there.

skirmishers up ramp

Kill them then you get to open the chest which is at zone in.

in defense of health 5