EQ Rallos Zek Event

Have a tracker zone into Plane of Tactics.

If you see Rallos Zek up, then you  can do the event. This is known as the Fake Rallos

Make your way to the green layer on the map.

Rallos Event map

Kill Decorin Berik

RUSH all the way around to the other side

Kill Decorin Grunhork

Click the door and walk in.

You will be attacked by Tallon Zek ( fake one ) and  will have to pull Vallon Zek from across the table.Zek brothers

Kill them.

There IS NO Flag for them as they are not the real ones.

Head to the spot marked fake Rallos. Kill him  a little bit and he will port below into the pit.


Rallos Event map

Lev  and jump down there. Kill Rallos Zek.

real rallos

Hail a Planar projection for the flag.

That is it for the Rallos Event.