EQ Familiar Haunts

*Special thanks to Lions of the Heart who provided the Tank and DPS for this mission.

This task starts with Anna Broth in Demiplane of Life.

Note: ALL group members will have to have the Mirror Fragment of Anashti Sul because you have to phase shift on this task a few times.

mirror fragment

Follow the map below to her.

path to anne

If you followed the map correctly you will see

anna broth

Hail her. Use keyword something bad then adventure then help

This will assign your group the task Familiar Haunts.

Task Steps


  • Find the source of the apparitions 0/1
  • Ask Lonyen Drelliad about the zombies 0/1
  • Fight off the zombie ambush 0/3
  • Ask Lonyen Drelliad about the ambush 0/1
  • Find the room where Lonyen last saw his friends 0/1
  • Kill arm munchers 0/2
  • Find clues in the room 0/1
  • Confront Bokon Boles in the Demiplane of Life 0/1
  • Subdue Bokon Boles 0/1
  • Chase Bokon Boles into the Demiplane of Decay 0/1
  • Defeat Bokon Boles 0/1
  • Explain your discoveries to Lonyen Drelliad 0/1
  • Give the bad news to Anna Broth 0/1


Make sure everyone has invis vs undead on!

Group up at Anna and everyone click their mirrors to zone into Demiplane of Decay.

You will see a ghastly sight upon loading in.

anna swap site

Approach Lonyen Drelliad and you will get a task update.

Hail Lonyen Drelliad and follow his emotes.

On keyword Anna three zombie challengers pop and run right at you.

Kill all three zombies.

Ask Lonyen Drelliad about the ambush.


He will point you to this room marked in red.

Room with arm muncher

Walk into the room for a task update.

Kill the two arm munchers for the update.

arm muncher

Pick up the book on the end table for update.

Head back to Anna’s tree and phase back to Demiplane of Life

Head up to the roof.

Path to roof.jpg

There you will see  Bokon Boles

Bokon boles in life

Hail Bokon Boles and kill him to 50. He will escape to Demiplane of Decay.

For safety, we headed back Anna’s spot before phase shifting.

Go finish off Bokon Boles. He is in his lab which is the room you killed the arm munchers.

Use invis vs undead to get there safely.

Room with arm muncher

Enter the room and Bokon Boles will pop.

You can use calm/ pacify on the three mobs in the room and pull him into the hallway.

At 60% 3 adds pop

At 40 % 2 adds pop

Typical EQ style, off named burn adds, back on named.

bokon boles in decay

Once you kill him head outside to Lonyen Drelliad


Hail him and follow the keywords till he realizes it was him that killed his friends. He promptly kills himself and respawns.

Go back to the Anna tree and phase shift back to Demiplane of Life.

anna broth

Hail Anna and follow the keywords to complete the task.

See you on the next task