EoK Goblins and Fools

This mission starts in Frontier mountains with Preator Aberic in the middle south of the zone.

The request phrase is: willing

The zone in phrase is : ready

Task steps:

  • Kill 20 Mountain Death Clan goblines 0/20
  • Kill 4 Drill Sergeants 0/4
  • Kill 1 War-leader Grazzil 0/1
  • Speak with Preator Aberic


The death clan are the blue circles.

Pro tip: The method we found best is to BRING an enchanter!

Group invis and walk up to the Death clan mob and have your tank ae aggro. Mez the bunch. Kill the mob for the task. Invis and blur the rest.


Drill Sergeants are marked in blue


War- Leader is marked on map


Head back to zone in


Load up everyone you can on Task Add.