EQ Fate Rewards The Bold

This is a newer version of the Heroic Adventure and it is designed to be easier and faster to complete. They added a 3 hour lock out to the task.

This mission starts in Plane of Health with Tarl Punox

Tarl Punox

The keyword to request the mission is business then  interested then  trinkets

The tasks locks on request.

The only unclear step is the first one. Where to go?

This task takes place in Demiplane of Decay so head to Demiplane of Life and use your Mirror to phase shift to Demiplane of Decay.

You must have the task to get into the instance when you phase over.

There is a few variations of this mission



The fly mobs had a higher chance of dropping the Crypt Fungus for us, but the ghouls can drop them also. The skeleton mobs held the last one we needed. It took killing 26 mobs to get the four drops.

Fly type mobs

The slimes mob types did not drop any for us.

The  next step was just killing government officials till we had the plans.

Upon turn in the named popped. High Bokon Cleret.

Hits for ~ 30k

Mob uses two spells.

Mind break – casted 6 times

1: Decrease Hitpoints by 61539
2: Stun (1.50 sec/999)

Exalted Decay- casted 4 times

1: Decrease Hitpoints by 26154 per tick
2: Increase Corruption counter by 1394 (L1) to 143770 (L105)

The healing is too much for 1 cleric, we used a live cleric and a merc cleric.

The loot was good!

alabaster belt


See you on the next task,