EQ Contacting the Leadership

This quest is auto assigned upon completion of Concerned Citizens.

Things you will need:

  • A mixing bowl
  • A small clay jar

Task steps:

  • Speak with Salli Westell about the [Page]
  • Gather [Supplies] for each merchant. They will give you a task if you speak to them
  • Speak with Salli Westell since you have [Completed] all of the supply runs
  • Speak with Salli Westell about the [drachnid]
  • Explore the tunnels to the rest of the Dreadlands
  • Kill the Sarnak Portal Keepers 0/2
  • Create Drachnid Repellant
  • Find a good spot in the mines to deploy the repellant.
  • Kill the Frenzied Drachnid 0/2
  • Speak with Salli Westfall once you are [done]
  • Speak with Tsaph Katta about the citizen’s [problems]
  • Speak with Salli Westfall about being [ejected]
  • Speak with Tsaph Katta about the citizen’s [problems]
  • Deliver 1 Tsaph Katta ‘s note to the harried page
  • Deliver 1 Combine Robe Disguise to Salli Westfall

Hit find and use it to get to Salli


Type /say Ok Salli, what is up with the Page?

Use trigger word Supplies on each merchant in the little huts.

You will get 7 supply tasks

  • Component Supplies
  • Meat Supplies
  • Metal Supplies
  • Momentum Supplies
  • Repurposed Supplies
  • Vegetable Supplies
  • Water Supplies

The water supplies is the fastest.  Go to this spot and right click the water extractor 5 times.

Update:  There is a current bug where the water extractor does not work at all at the pond if you are not in the primary instance. use /pick to reach it. It has been reported.


The rest of the sub tasks is simply killing monsters for drops. If you get a yeti tick  while killing yeti’s everyone will need one

The Vegetable supplies is a ground spawn collect in the north east.


The metal is in a cave  south west of the city and is a ground spawn.spider-cave


Update: Spiders are now mixed see invis and non see invis. You will most likely need to clear the spiders to loot the ore.

Once done gathering supplies turn in all the parts to the right person.

Go back to Salli and /say completed the runs to her

Use trigger Gorenaire

Use trigger disappeared

Use trigger worse

use trigger ourselves

This gives you a task update

use trigger drachnid

use trigger expel

There is some optional lore triggers for repellant.

Head east to the yeti caves with Invis.  Be careful once inside every group member that has this task will spawn two mobs when you reach the sealed Dreadlands  portal.

Update: Ngreth added :you can rewind the Portal keepers and drachnid steps. Salli will rewind steps 5 and 6 (just those steps) if you /say sealed to her (I added that in some of the dialogs) 

Kill the two mobs for each group member that has the task.

Time to make the repellant.

Things to gather:

Head to the pond and pick up the soap leaves ground spawn

I couldn’t get a picture of this because it was so hard to see on the screen. They are the same color as the ground in the shape of a “)

Look for a Dreadlands orange ground spawn.


Next you will need spider bile, head to the spider caves and kill a few till everyone has one bile.

In your mixing bowl you brought with you combine the Spider Bile, Dreadlands Orange, Yeti Tick, and the Soap Leaves.

Now you need a oven( I went back to POK.) Place the small clay jar and the newly made drachnid repellant glob into the oven and hit combine.

Once you have your Drachnid Repellant head back to the spider mines and KILL your way through it. Why? Because there is random see Invis mobs.

Update 10/11 :Spiders are now currently yellow cons and come in packs of 4

You have to clear the entire area marked in red before using the repellant.


Kill the two frenzied  drachnid.

Update: Ngreth added Salli  will rewind steps 7, 8, and 9 if you /say again to her 

Return to Salli Westfall and type /say I am done

Run into Tsaph Katta room, you will be ejected.


Return to Salli Westfall and type /say why was I ejected?

Salli will give you a Disquise. Equip it in chest slot.

Return to  Tsaph Katta and type /say what is being done about the citizen’s problems?

Tspah will give you a note, give the note to the harried page.

Return the Combine Robe Disguise to Salli Westfall for the final update.

That’s it for this task. Time to do Disappearing Dragons.