EQ Into the Temple

Getting started.

Travel via Plane of Knowledge to that little used zone called Plane of Tranquility.

Follow the red line upon zone in to find the quest giver.

Pot path

This is the quest giver.


Hail her and use keyword worries to continue, use the keyword discreet.

This is a shared,  repeatable task, but it is able to be completed solo.

Step 1 : Speak with someone in authority in Sul Vius about the religion of Anashti Sul.

Follow the red line on this map to Plane of Health.

To plane of health

Click the floating elongated diamond to zone.

POH zone in

The floating diamond above the chair is the zone back.

Use levitate.

Once again follow the path to the zone, this time its a crypt. Open the door and click the coffin.

path to sul.jpg


sul zone in

The floating diamond is the thing to click to port back to Plane of Health.


FYI – Upon opening the doors there is a table with a semi large skull. This is a zone in for Heroic adventures and the static zone Crypt of Sul.

Zone to crypt

Follow the path to the town mayor.

path to mayor

Hail the Mayor. Use keyword Anashti Sul. Click that one for this task. The rest of the keywords are for later content.

Upon using the keyword the task is complete.

Since these are shared tasks its important to drop the  task to go get the next one.