EQ A Note of Hope

This task starts in Crypt of Decay or Ruins of Lxanvom ( seems they could not decide on it’s name) which can be found in Demiplane of Decay. It is North of the Mayors office by touching the crypt there.

map to crypt of decay

cyrpt of decay zone in

The quest giver is Iisa Granger  who is in the basement.

Click the chair to get to the basement

Chair to basement

Head north on the map till you see this.

map of basement

kos unicorns
She is just up to the left but the Unicorn is KOS

So you either train there to get the task or kill them then request the task.

I did not get the full dialog on this, so the known request phrase is just find a way.

Task List

  • Discover who the leader of the forces of Decay is 0/1
  • Defeat grumlings to attract Grummus’ attention 0/4
  • Speak again with Jerill 0/1
  • Give Iisa’s message to Jerill, there are no other real options 0/1
  • Convey Jerill’s message to Iisa 0/1
  • Find an underling of Decay that knows about Anashti Sul 0/10
  • Give the text you found to Iisa 0/1

Iisa will give the request giver a note. I don’t have the picture of the note because I did not request the task.

Go back up stairs by clicking the large glowing green  center piece.

Have the person with the note say  Who is your leader?  to Jerill the Enraged.


Next click the chair to go to the basement.

Chair to basement

The grummlings are buried  deep on decay side( south ) of the basement and you will get re pops  of the undead knights while getting there / camping them. We camped here.

camp for grummlings

The mobs in this zone are harder then most of the previous zones and you will most likely need a real tank as a double pull kills a merc tank with ease. We killed ~ 40 death lords to get4 grummlings, so plan to spend a lot of time on this task.


After killing the 4 grummlings,  go back up stairs to Jerill and hail him. The task will update.

Turn in the Note of Hope that Iisa gave the task requester to Jerill. The task will update.

Go back to the basement, and  fight or train your way back to Iisa and hail her to tell her what Jerill has said. The task will update.

Go back to the south, we used the same camp.

camp for grummlings

Kill 10 of the undead knight type mobs

On the 10th death everyone will get a tattered scroll on their cursor.

Note for Iisa

Take this tattered scroll back to Iisa and turn it in for a update and task completion.

See you on the next task