EQ Plane of Hate – Revisited

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This is the new The Broken Mirror Non progression raid. This raid  is WAY easier then Fear-Revisited because you can zone in and not get swarmed.

Zone in is in Plane of Tranquility.

Alliance of Hope tried this raid tonight and here is what we learned.

Trash can shadow step,fear and mez you.

Just because its a Capital lettered mob does not mean its a named.

Clear the entrance way then make your way to the well.

Once there pull Maestro’s chambers .

They changed Hate to be a little more friendly. We are unlocking Maestro with clearing the bottom floor which is roughly 60-65 mobs.

Hate maestro

Set up for the kill here at the red dot.

Hate healer corner

Here is the trick to the event.

Update: added Gina Triggers here

Maestro will cast Dissonant Muse on you.

Slot Description
1: Decrease Current Hit Points by 8600 per tick
2: Decrease Current Mana by 4250 per tick
3: Increase Corruption Counter by 24

Healer class trigger is A dissonant chord rings in your ears

This means you have 6 Seconds to get a CORRUPTION cure to avoid the mana drain.

If not cured and you still have Dissonant Muse on you when Dissonant Tone is cast you get pretty much death touched.

1: Decrease Hitpoints by 12950
2: Decrease Hitpoints by 2500000

Maestro will also cast Unwilling Chorus on your raid

Update: Maestro will cast Unwilling Chorus on 5 individuals every 30 seconds.

Pally Triggers are

  • On you- mana begins to seep away.
  • On Others{S} is drained.
  • On HimselfMaestro of Rancor’s life is drained away.

Using the On Himself trigger seems to be best.

1: Decrease Current Mana by 7417 (L1) to 12000 (L1) per tick
2: Cast on Curer: Mana Blaze
3: Decrease Endurance by 7189 (L1) to 12000 (L1) per tick
Duration: 5 ticks

Paladin’s this is your entire role in this event.

Your job is to AE Splash using Splash of Atonement and keep Unwilling Chorus off the raid. You have 6 Seconds to cure it before it impacts the raid.

The paladins will have their mana drained, so it is important to have a bard in the group boosting their mana.

Using these spells below will allow groups to cure what needs to be cured and what needs to stay.

Clerics –

  • Syllable of Convalescence
  • Nullify Corruption – this is the cure takes 1 cast.
  • Elixir of the seas

Druids –

  • Chant of the Kromtus –this is the cure takes 1 cast

Shaman –

  • Chant of the Kromtus – this is the cure takes 1 cast

Things not to use.


  • Word of Reformation
  • Unblemished Blood
  • Ardent Acquittal
  • AA Healing Ward
  • Purify Spirits
  • Radiant Cure.


  • Cure Aura
  • Corpsetender’s Breeze
  • Unblemished Blood
  • Purify Spirits
  • Radiant Cure.


  • Blood of Sanera
  • Blood of Rivans
  • Purify Spirits
  • Radiant Cure.

The actual fight?

Average hit is  25,435

He rampages.

He slows melee.

4 adds every 20 percent of Maestro’s life.

We found it best to bunch up behind him the tank corner so everyone is in range of the paladin splashes.





4 thoughts on “EQ Plane of Hate – Revisited

  1. Have some info for your farming of remnants page but cant find contact info and no reply box on that page, where shall I send ?


  2. Awesome work, Narogg. Thank you. Question for you regarding this information. My logs support what you say 100%, but could you explain why certain spells cause the AE to go off? I have some raiders who like to understand mechanics behind the raid and we are really curious about this. Thank you!


  3. Unfortunately I don’t have any insight other than the log data. The spell data on Lucy can be helpful to understand the triggering of one spell on the fade/ cure of another


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