EQ + Multiple core processors

Everquest is an old game folks and by default it only runs on 1 core.

To fix this you must set what is called CPU Affinity.

  1. In windows 10, right click your EQ Icon on the desktop.
  2. Select Open File LocationClipboard012
  3. In the search box on the right type eqclient.iniClipboard13
  4. Double click the eqclient.ini file, it should open in notepad.
  5. Press Control + F Clipboard14
  6. type CPU and hit find Next
  7. You will see CPUAffinity1=1
  8. Change the last 1 to -1
  9. Hit Find Next
  10. If you run more than 1 eq instance ( ie box) you will see CPUAffinity2=2
  11.  Change the last 2 to -1
  12. Repeat these steps for as many it finds changing the last number to -1
  13. Hit Control + S when your done and close the file.
  14. This will allow each instance to use all the cores of your processor!