EQ The Artisan’s Prize Mystery

Upon completion of the Artisan’s Wares quest/achievement, one gains access to this quest/achievement.

artisian prize achievement

Allakhazam has a write up on it, but I  can not make heads or tails of it.

Here is what I know,

Once you complete the Artisan Wares quest, saying [work] to Lebounde will give you a Tradeskill Sub-Quest. There is 12 different sub-quests, one for each tradeskill. In order to see/receive them you must be 300 skill in a tradeskill and have the trophy for that tradeskill max evolved and have completed the Artisan Wares quest/ achievement

The Tradeskill sub-quests are what is marked as optional in the achievement.

To continue on, you must

  1. Craft the Earing of Solstice. UPDATED:  NEWLY REDONE recipe is here!
  2. Craft the signet of the Arcane if you are a caster or the Signet of Might if you are a melee. This is the Aid Grimel Quest line which has 7 sub-quests. They can be found here.
  3. Craft Eron’s Jewelry. This is the Eron Nurwistle Quest line and this has 7 sub- quests.  They can be found here or even a better write up here.

If you have any of them done and do not have the check marks, give the item to a NPC and hit cancel. This will update your Achievement.

I completed the Blacksmithing trophy on Weake and went back to see if he would offer me any tradeskill sub-quests yet.

With this Trophy

6of7  blacksmith trophy.jpg

He still tells me

Sorry weake

So I confirmed,  you have to have the Trophy at 7 of 7 of the evolving level to be offered the tradeskill sub-quests.

After a painful night of evolving my trophy

blacksmith evolved trophy

I was able to hail Lebounde  use the key word [work] and get this sub-quest.

Smithing Supply quest

When you accept the quest the reward for completing it is

Artisan's Seal of Smithing

Update: Just got confirmation that when you complete the 3 craft steps you are given a normal quest journal task that requires you to collect 12 of these Artisan Seals. If you try to turn in the seals without the actual quest he will return the seal to you.prize step 2

Here is the normal quest given to you after the three Craft Steps are done of the achievement above.

Thanks Reppy!

reppy ss

Per alla after turning in the 12 artisan seals you get this dialog.

You say, ‘Hail, Lebounde ab Dolmen’

Lebounde ab Dolmen nods approvingly, ‘Yeh proven t’ be a true craftsman, very well. Head back t’ meh house, just south of Shanis’ place. On meh table yeh’ll find a small box. If luck’s on yer side and yeh got a steady hand yeh should be able t’ meld t’gether yer Solstice Earring, Taldarius’ Signet, and Eron’s Jewelry. Head back t’ meh after yeh succeed.’ He pauses, ‘Well… If yeh succeed.’

Go to his house, click the door and you’ll port inside.His house

Click the little box on the table:3 combine

You dig through the various objects on the artisan’s table and recover a small ornate box.

It’s a 4 slot box which you combine:

  1. Earring of the Solstice (NOT Xanthe’s Earring of Nature)
  2. Signet of Might OR Signet of the Arcane (caster & melee reward of Aid Grimel PoP super TS quest)
  3. Eron’s Jewelry (caster or melee version)
  4. The small ornate box you found on the table

When you place the items in the box the task updates and you get this warning.

trohoy warning

Equip your max evolved trophy and hit combine. You will fail a few times and auto recover the parts of the combine.

Shortly you will succeed and get this.

expensive mistake

Go give Lebounde ab Dolmen your Expensive Mistake.

Mistake text

You have been given: Artisan’s Prize.

earring win


Special thanks to Reppy for the help, motivation, and screen shots.

Quotes of players upon completion…


See you on the next task,