EQ Digging Yourself Deeper


Note your faction with the burynai. Mine is warmly. This will be important later.

This task starts with Head Taskmaster Geddis in Scorched Woods.

He can be found in the pit.



Hail him and use trigger friend.

Use trigger good for nothing.

Use trigger many problems.

Use trigger help the Clawdigger Clan.

You will be assigned the task Digging Yourself Deeper.

Task steps:

  • Collect Quality Tump Stumps 0/5
  • Collect Piles of Sawdust 0/10
  • Deliver Quality Tump Stumps to Head Taskmaster Geddis 0/5
  • Deliver Piles of Sawdust to Head Taskmaster Geddis 0/10
  • Talk to Head Taskmaster Geddis
  • Talk to the burynai earthstrippers 0/8
  • Punish burynai who are behind schedule 0/3
  • Talk to Head Taskmaster Geddis
  • Collect Hot Royal Jelly 0/5
  • Deliver Hot Royal Jelly to burynai cenobites or prophets 0/5
  • Talk to Head Taskmaster Geddis
  • Talk to Domina Caelestis
  • Kill undead 0/12
  • Eavesdrop on a sureshot scout 0/3
  • Kill centaurs 0/10
  • Kill Helenus Politi 0/1
  • Collect Helenus Politi’s Head 0/1
  • Deliver Helenus Politi’s Head to Head Taskmaster Geddis
  • Talk to Head Master Geddis


The saw dusts are ground spawns. Pick up your 10


Head inside the Giant fortress and kill giants until you get your 5 Stumps.


The giants were only blue cons but my tank merc didn’t put out enough DPS to actually kill them and I spent all my mana healing to try to keep the merc alive.

This is another task where you need a group.

Once you kill enough giants to loot the 5 stumps go back to Head Taskmaster and turn in the sawdust and stumps.

Talk to the Burynai earthstrippers and punish the ones behind schedule.



Head back to Taskmaster and hail him

Next head South west to the bee area .


Kill bees for the Hot Royal Jelly


Once you have 5 Hot Royal Honey, deliver them to burnai cenobites or prophets back at the pit. They don’t attack, just hand then 1  then pick another one to give one to.

Once updated talk to the Head Taskmaster again and he will send you to Domina Caelestis.

She is at the zone line to Lceanium.


Talk to


She will send you to kill 12 undead.

More coming tomorrow. Well tomorrow turned into almost a full week.

The dev’s were tuning in Scorched woods and it seemed like every time I would have a Undead 3/4 way dead they would repop the zone.

Today the dev’s seemed to leave the mobs up and I was able to get my 12 undead killed.

Heading back to the Head Taskmaster, I hailed, and learned the undead did not kill his kin. He is claiming it was the Horse Men, he wants me to eavesdrop on 3 sureshot scouts.

I only saw two sureshot scouts up. they path to the same spot and talk to themselves.

Wait at this spot and you will get the updates, just takes time.


Gather a group and kill 10 Centaurs

Kill Helenus Politi in the ruins to the east of the forest near the zone edge.


Loot his head.


Turn in the head to Head Taskmaster Geddis

Hail him for the reward.

My faction is now ally and he offers this for sale.


See you on the next task