EQ Deadline

This task starts with the mayor in Demiplane of Decay.

Mayor Wex

Hail Him and use keyword look into it

Task Steps

  • Head down to the base of the waterfall 0/1
  • Defeat the shifty bokon, clearly members of the underground 0/1
  • Defeat the alarmed bokon, clearly members of the underground 0/1
  • Defend yourself against frenzied tsetsian swarmers 0/1
  • Defeat Shepherd Grimlight 0/1
  • Collect evidence from Shepherd Grimlight 0/1
  • Return to Mayor Soltiman Wex 0/1
  • Give Mayor Soltiman Wex the evidence 0/1
  • Open the chest 0/1

Head down the wooden bridge to the base of waterfall near the statue of eternity.

Clear the area of trash and kill the 3 shifty bokon.

shifty bokon

Upon the last ones death two alarmed bokon will jump you from the ramp.They are unmezzable. Kill them.

alarmed bokon

When the two alarmed bokon die,6, yes 6, unmezzable, unstunable, uncharmable, unpuntable swarming flys pop and rush you. Try to stay alive and kill them.

Once the 6 flys die the Shepherd Grimlight  comes running at you.

Kill him.

Loot the evidence  of wrong doing.

Return to the mayor.

Give the mayor the evidence.

/open the chest.

paudrons of the dark side

See you on the next task