EQ Seal of Approval

The second task needed to progress through The Broke Mirror is called the Seal of Approval.

It starts in Plane of Health.

The easiest way to get to the quest giver is to zone into Plane of Health from Plane of Tranquility.

When zoned in follow the red path.


neelo pnc

Hail him.

Verify is the keyword to use, then passage.

It’s a basic EQ hail task taking one around the zone.

Players don’t need Invisibility or anything special for this one.

There is 6 outlying posts in the zone with 1 NPC in each one that must  be hailed.

This is what the posts look like and in classic EQ dev style they were copy and pasted so it can be confusing as to which one was visited.

outlying post

The RED Circles on the map are the outlying posts.

posts marked

Basically run to each outpost and hail the tasks NPC who are in the red circles on the map.

seal hails

Once all 6 hails are done run back to Neelo and do the final hail.

This completes the Mercenary of Plane of Health Achievement.

Seal win