EQ Lost or Found

This task starts with  the Mayor in the Demiplane of Life

Follow the map to the Mayor

path to mayor

You should now be standing in front of Mayor Salvador West


Hail him use keyword tasks then issue then find.

You should now how a group task called Lost and Found.

Task steps

  • Speak with folks in the center circle, they are most likely to encounter visitors 0/1
  • Find the visitor called Evay Smit 0/1
  • Kill the ravagers before they destroy the body 0/3
  • Deliver The Skull of Evay Smit to Mayor Salvador West 0/1
  • Deliver 1 The Skull of Evay Smit to Bokon Karass 0/1

Head to the zone in and hail the right mob for update

center citizens

Travel west to this location on the map

emit location

You should see

dead emit

Or you can get the hes near the fountains

evay fountain

Or he is near the crypts in the south.

evay crypt

evay crypt loc

or he is in the upper district

evay upper district

evay uppper pic

Getting close auto updates the task and 3 Ghoul type mob pop.

body ravagers

Kill the mobs.

You will get a skull on your cursor go turn it in to the Mayor


He wants you to turn it into Bokon Karass. Do so.

bokon karass

See you on the next task