EQ The Last Grove

At this point, you need to have ally faction with horsemen. To get it kill Diggers until you are indifferent with Horsemen. Then do Guardian Limnos’s Mercenary task called Burrowing Desecrators. This kill task gives you a + 200 faction hit to Horsemen.

You can also use an illusion to increase your faction with the horsemen. Use the High Elf one.

The next quest starts with Orrin Dracos, who happens to be a horseman.



Task Steps:

  • Talk to a wounded Centaur
  • Talk to Orrin Dracos
  • Kill Constructs of Magma or Coal 0/3
  • Kill Fire elementals 0/8
  • Extinguish wild fire elementals 0/12
  • Return the Magestic Water bucket to Orrin Dracos
  • Collect Living Clay 0/4
  • Deliver living clay to the wounded centaurs 0/4
  • Talk to Orrin Dracos
  • Kill Kromdul giants 0/12
  • Collect Clearcutter Axes 0/5
  • Deliver the Clearcutter Axes to Orrin Dracos 0/5
  • Talk to Orrin Dracos
  • Accompany Sureshot Scouts 0/3
  • Talk to Orrin Dragos
  • Kill Burynai 0/8
  • Kill Overseer Hani 0/1
  • Deliver Clawdigger Clan Overseer’s plans to Orrin Dracos
  • Talk to Orrin Dracos


You can just hail a flopped Centaur anywhere near Orrin, then hail him again.

Next head to this area on the map.


The constructs hit hard and have a lot of HP.  We found that a Berserker kills them faster than any other class.


As a fire elemental dies a random number of wild flames spawn, and path away.


This is where you use the bucket you were given. Target a wild flame and right-click the bucket. Takes some practice due to the absurdly short range of the bucket.


Turn your Majestic Water Bucket into Orrin when finished.

Head Southwest to this area on the map


Kill mud men


and loot these


Deliver all four to wounded centaur


Talk to Orrin Dracos

Head to North West giant fort and kill


Collect 5 of these


Turn them into Orrin Dracos

Follow a sureshot scout around invised till you get three updates.


Kill 8 Diggers at the pit

Kill Overseet Hani



Loot these plans


Turn in the plans to Orrin Dracos

Hail Orrin for the final update

See you on the next task