EQ Handmaiden

This task starts in Demiplane of Life with the Mayor

path to mayor

You should be standing in front of


Hail him and use keyword willing.

Task steps are

  • Find the handmaiden’s coffin 0/1
  • Recover the handmaiden’s skull 0/1
  • Take the skull to the Statue of Eternity and perform the ritual 0/1
  • Defeat the fanatics! 0/10
  • Speak with the handmaiden Yesha 0/1
  • Return the skull to its coffin 0/1
  • Return the mayor’s baton 0/1
  • Open the Chest. 0/1

Go to the main doors leading to zone in  and click the doors and hit yes

handmaiden doors

Head to the crypt on the map

vandel autoupdate

The white box is an auto update and 1 HUGE monster will pop. Kill it

terrible monser

The FG running is just GINA overlay for Field Guardian in case your wondering.

Head back to zone in and go down the wood ramp to the statue of eternity.

ramps down

statue of eternity

Clear the area of the flowery undead mobs.

The person who requested the task must equip the baton and the skull and go stand on the statue while the group kills 10 bokon that pop.

If the person unequips the baton or skull or moves from the statue you fail. Fight all mobs at the bridge.

handmaiden fail

Kill the waves of mobs, high DPS is a must here.

madien waves

High Bokon needs to be moved away from the bridge and from casters he has a mana drain.

Once all dead hail the floating skull.

Run  over the same moving crypt for an auto update

vandel autoupdate

Turn in the baton to the mayor

/open the chest

mantle of severity

courageous hematit