EQ Artisan’s Wares Mystery

Per allakhazam “This achievement was stealth patched on or around the June 15, 2016 patch by Dzarn.”

Per EQ Resource : The believed reward

Artisan's Prize

The actual quest line is unlocked by an collection achievement called the Artisan’s Wares.

artisan's wares

Find Lebounde ab Dolmen in Halas.

Per allakhazam “Roams throughout Halas. At night, he returns to an empty structure with a bed and sleeps. He will not respond to hails. You may not enter the structure, clicking on the door results in the following: Try as you might, the door does not budge. Gets up at 5am, goes to bed at 7pm.”

I found him using the find key on my map

Lebounde map

When I got to the spot the map linked too it was empty of the NPC

Typing /time in game I learned why.


I missed him by an hour. So just like in old EQ days.. you have to wait!

If your server has not had a server wide first turn in then your npc will be called ” a belwildered artisan” and wonders around in Everfrost.

ILLA seems to have unlocked the server wide achievement on Xegony. Thanks ILLA!

iila server first

I waited to 5 am and shortly I saw him


I hailed him. but he did not offer me the [work] key words, that is listed on alla.

Lebounde text fail

UPDATE: Zachton  found out/figured out that you have to hand in an item to get him to talk to you or alternately you can do the quest An Epic Request twice to get the quest an Epic Retelling offered to you. Upon completion of an Epic Retelling, Lebounde ab Dolmen will respond to you with the [work] text without turning any items in.

Go to Halas to the well  south of where the Find button says Lebounde ab Dolmen is located. Dive in. Swim to the bottom.

Chisel well

well location

Pick up the item you see in the image. Notice these are NOT collectables.

Worn Chisel


You say, ‘Hail, Lebounde ab Dolmen’
[Thu Jul 28 16:24:01 2016] Lebounde ab olmen says ‘Gooddeh t’ yeh, friend.’

Hand the item to Lebounde ab Dolmen.

[Thu Jul 28 16:24:22 2016] Lebounde ab Dolmen thanks you gratefully, ‘A fine thing yeh did in findin’ this. If yeh find anythin’ else they took from meh, make haste back with it.’
[Thu Jul 28 16:24:33 2016] You say, ‘Hail, Lebounde ab Dolmen’
[Thu Jul 28 16:24:33 2016] Lebounde ab Dolmen says ‘Gooddeh t’ yeh, friend. Wouldn’t happen t’ be lookin’ fer [work], would yeh?’
[Thu Jul 28 16:24:36 2016] Lebounde ab Dolmen kindly considers you — what would you like your tombstone to say?

[Thu Jul 28 16:24:55 2016] You say, ‘work’
[Thu Jul 28 16:24:55 2016] Lebounde ab Dolmen says ‘Could use help findin’ some of meh lost equipment. Yeh see, a group of thugs ran off with most of it, left meh with nothin’ but a handful of riddles. Bandits ain’t never made much sense t’ meh, but maybe yeh’ll have some luck decipherin’ meanin’ outta this.’

You will be given a book.

Scribbled DirectionsScribbled Directions lore



riddle 2


Once he gives you the book, hailing him again results in this.

after hail

If you try to pick up the same collection piece again, it results in this.

No duplicate pick ups

There is NO Quest window with steps for this achievement / quest.

I was able to get Lebounde ab Dolmen to give my Druid the book who has ZERO epics, ZERO Epic Retold, Zero Epic Retelling and Zero Tradeskill Trophies, he does however have 300 in tailoring, not sure that even matters.

Now that I have the clues, we are off to start this quest.

Alah has a list of the actual item names and where to look to gather for the task.

Item name Zone Location Info
Outcast’s Coal Icewell Keep 12, 882, -20 Get into the area near The Dain, drop down the well, head to the zone out to greater divide. You zone out into the Tizmak cave
Timeless Oil Plane of Innovation -830, 1082, -1882 Maelin room past Chronographer Muon ( say yes) in the western cubby, north side loc. Note Muon will only port your group if the person that says yes to Muon has a Quintessence of Elements on them
Lava Gem Sol-C 900, -430, 5 Come in from bat 2 in Sol-B ( stay in the lava when zoning in or you go to Sol-A). Head south, west then north to the farthest north area. Looks like an Apple
Kuuan Light Harbinger’s Spire 205, -1450, 675 literally top of the spire. have to do some climbing and floating
Blood Clay Erudin Burning -1255, -50, 48 Paladin guild, upper floor, lower blood pool on left. look down from above watch for hole in moving liquid
Iridescent Frond Beasts Domain -1750, -1375, 0 east wall in the tube like pathways – currently a dead end. a bright green leaf on the ground
Questionable Cheese Runnyeye -43, -70, -128 bottom floor east of the banker
Icy Rune Permafrost back of scryers room
Royal Linens Highhold Keep -105, -250, 5 enter the main keep, stay on same level. south side halfway in are 3 rooms. center room has a box on the bed
Irresistible Lure Highpass Hold 235, 603, 48 Top of the World Bar ( west central area of the zone). Use main entrance, opposite Maigin Greyeagle, top shelf inside vase
Blood Suspension Crushbone 78, -20, -45 enter the keep and drop right into that fountain to the bottom
Worn Chisel Halas 185, -212, -128 literally at the bottom of the well. Eastern half of the zone, center of al the buildings
Cursed Arrowheads Dalnir -52, -754, -94 Pok to Overthere to Warslik Woods to Dalnir. Found in the lower level (black on my map) south from the entry area at rear of the coffin
Sweat-Stained Headband Tirranian’s Delve 586, 356, 4 west section of the map, southern room, behind the center forge
Oily Gear MMM 225, 16, 6 main entry, stay on same level and head north into the next room with the pool half oil/water. In the oil
Eerie Ore Torgiran Mines 40, -700, 0 found it in the southern part in the mines nearer Dulak’s Harbor zone

Here is my adventure hunting the Outcast Coal.

coal view

Jump down the well  across from the Dain’s Throne.

Jump down the well

Once you deal with the mobs in the water, swim up and out.

Follow the path to the second hole in the ice.

hole in ice 2

Dive into the hole. On the right is the  path to follow.

path to follow

When you reach the walls, swim up and out and into the lair of the outcast.

Lair of the outcast

Follow the path until you see this

Outcast Coal loc

Pick up your

Outcast Coal

Here is my adventure with Fyenu, who had the Quintessence of Elements,  looking for the Timeless Oil.

POI port saying yes

In case your wondering where on the map this is? I had to draw the map it was off the grid.

POI timeless oil loc

timeless oil

timeless oil item

Here is my adventure hunting the Lava Gem.

Using the Guild portal I was able to make it to Lavastorm mountains, from there it is a short jog to Solusek’s Eye. Solusek is split into 3 actual zones A, B, and C. A is not where you want to zone in at.

Zone into Solusek B using the map of Lavastorm.

solB zone in

Once in B, make your way till you are here, well call this the drop off point.

zone to C

Drop into the LAVA!  Yes it will burn you, and swim to the zone in to Solusek C. Use the steam stream and vent to go up the lava flow.

Once in Solusek C go south, then west then as far north as you can to this spot on the map.

sol C Map

You should see something that looks like an apple on the ground.

Lava Gem Loc

Pick up your

lava gem

Here is my adventure for the Kuuan Light piece.

I went to Wall of Slaughter and then Nobles Causeway then into the Harbinger’s Spire’s

Climb the stairs and scaffolding until you see this.

Kuuna light loc

Click on your lev and float over and climb up till you can get the quest item. It is easier to do in first person. 3rd person makes you walk around it.

Pick up the item

Kuuan light

Here is my adventure to find the Blood Clay in Eurdin Burning.

The zone is on the first floor of House of Thule off  of The Dream Feerott.

Alla’s hints said to look for the paladin guild. Following the path of rats I wondered into this building.

Best I can figure, this is the entrance to the paladin building.

entrance to paladin guiild.jpg

The paladin’s liked me but the undead leading to the second floor had other ideas.

Bring a invis vs undead potion or two.

second floor undead

Using Invis Vs Undead you can skip a lot of skeletons in the beginning tunnels.

You will have to kill bone golems to these steps down

stairs down

This is where mixed live and undead mobs are and lots of them. Fight your way to this building on the left.

blood pool building

Go inside this building and up these stairs. Killing everything if you have too.

inside building stairs up

Mobs have super fast respawn timers here, so bring some DPS!

Once you get up the stairs there is more mobs, but your close!

Blood Pools

Stand on the stairs and look down into the left blood pool the animation will scroll by and there will be holes were you can see the bottom.

Blood Clay looking down

When the hole is over the grey lump, pick up your

blood clay.jpg

Here is my short trip to Beasts Domain for the Iridescent Frond

Invis and go east to this spot.

Leaf loc

Fond Loc

Pick up your


Cheese! Yes Please. Off to Runnyeye!

No real way to explain how to get to the banker in Runnyeye but to go to level four and wonder around till you find the bankers area marked in green here. Turn on Height filter  Low 40 and High 75 and you will see this.

Banker level 4

Once at the banker head out the doors east and thru the next set of doors, turn right. open the cage and go in.

Cheese on a stick!

You might not see it at first, but it is there. It is Cheese on a Stick!

Cheese Loc

Pick up your

Questionable Cheese

Off to Permafrost for the Icy Rune, the Scryer’s room is clearly marked on my map. So this one should be easy.

Scryer Map

You should see this

Ice block

Go first person view and wedge yourself in the right side. You should see this

Icy Rune Loc

Pick up your

icy rune

I thought I was going to go to Highhold Keep for the Royal Linens but the  Highhold Pass zone in on the way. So I am going to do that one first.

Run down the path to the top of the world bar.

top of the world bar

Stand on the boxes and look down inside the vase.

Top of world Loc

Pick up your


Off to the Keep!

Once inside adjust your map  height filters to see the first floor only

Low 0 High 5

You should now see this

Royal Linen map

Inside the room is a box on the bed.

Royal linen Pic

Pick up your

Royal Linen

I went to Crushbone next for the Blood Suspension.

Right as you enter the keep is the blood fountain.

blood fountain

Jump into it and swim down you will see this

Blood suspension loc

Pick up your

Blood suspension

We did the Worn Chisel already when we were in Halas. See the top of this page if you missed it.

Cursed Arrowheads has been one of the harder ones for me to find.

I made it to Dalnir, but the map goes East not south of the zone in.

I had to copy the location into my map. To get there you have to make your way east to  this  rectangle and jump in.

dalnir level 1

There is a hollow floor here marked in checkers.

hollow floor

Once  in front of the checkered floor you need to cast LEV on you or you will fall.

With lev on make your way across the floor to the crypt where you will see

arrow loc

Pick up your

cursed arrowheads

The in game over view map is totally missing this next zone, Tirranian’s Delve.

To get there go to Lavastorm Mountains. Then travel to Lavaspinner’s Lair, and then into Tirranian’s Delve.

Once there use this map to get the red area.

headband loc

You have to be in 1st person view to see this one. It is behind the middle heater.

headband pic

Pick up your


Next we head to MMM. Guild Portal to Dragon Scale Hills. Dragon Scale Hills to Fortress Mechanotus  via the catapult in the north east corner.  MMM is the big building on the map. Take the elevators to get up there and click the door to MMM.

More then likely you will get the you have completed achievement for ” Meldrath’s Majestic Mansion Traveler.

This was a raid zone in the day, so things might not die fast if you agro them.

Head north on the same floor till you see this. Do not go up the stairs.

Oily gear loc

Pick up your  piece and get out the there. The mobs can and will kill you.

oily gear

Torgiran Mines was one of the easier ones to get.

Just invis and follow this map from dulak harbor zone in.

Ore map

The ore looks like a glass sliver. The little guy in the swinging cage is pretty funny.

Ore pic

Pick up your

eerie ore

That is all 16  collection pieces. Head back to Halas for the turn in.

Upon turn in you are given another achievement to work on and three clues.

artisian prize achievement

3 clues

I was also presented with an error code of sorts. Weake does not have any tradeskill Trophies, so when I used the keyword [work] I got this error.

Sorry weake

I would have been offered a special tradeskill task based on the trophies I currently have.

I will complete a trophy and report back.