EQ Lexicon Explorers

This mission begins in Demiplane of Decay

The quest giver is Twilius Quill.


Hail him and use keyword help

Task steps

  • Talk with Twilius Quill 0/1
  • Loot Decaying Zombie Flesh 0/5
  • Give Decaying Zombie Flesh to Twilius Quill 0/5
  • Give Decaying Zombie Flesh to Filius Quill 0/1
  • Find the underground museum entrance balcony 0/1
  • Find the guarded section of the museum 0/1
  • Steal an Essence of Undeath 0/1
  • Give Essence of Undeath to Twilius Quill 0/1
  • Test the Un-Undead-O-Matic on guktan and neglected citizens 0/5
  • Report your finding to Twilius Quill 0/1
  • Find the lost artifact 0/1
  • Kill Wild Bokons 0/3
  • Use the tear of Rodcet to heal a guktan 0/1
  • Give the artifact to Twilius Quill 0/1
  • Give the artifact to Filius Quill 0/1

I headed to the government buildings in the north west. Kill elected officials and functionaries. The flesh is not a constant drop and is kinda rare.

Kill enough zombies to loot 5 decaying flesh.

decaying zombie flesh

Give the 5 flesh  to Twilius  Quill who will give one back and tell you to go to Demiplane of Life.

Zone to Demiplane of Life.

Use find to locate his brother Filius


Give him the flesh

Head to the wooden bridge near zone in.

Go down to the third landing for the update.

Go thru the door that opens and head East to the guarded room.

Musem east

You will get an update when you approach the guard.

Phase shift to decay to dodge the guard.three Gaurd

Once in the room phase back to life and grab the swirling black dot, that is the Essence of Undeath.

Essence of Undeath

Phase back to decay and walk past the guard area and back to the phase spot marked in red.

three Gaurd

For ease of movement, phase back to life and head back out and up to zone in.

Once at zone in Phase to decay and give the Essence of Undeath to Twilius

Now he wants you to test his invention.

At zone in you can use the device on the neglected citizens

aggrevated cit

They will aggro, kill them or mez and blur them.

Hail Twilius for update.

Phase back to Demiplane of Life.

Head down the wooden ramps to the bottom of the statue of eternity.

ramps down

Clear the area and touch the crystal


3 Wild Bokon will pop kill them. They are unmezzable.

Phase back to Demiplane of Decay

Use the Tear of Rodcet to heal a guktan.


rodcet tear

Head up the ramp and give the Tear of Rodcet to Twilius Quill


Phase to Demiplane of Life

Give the Tear of Rodcet to Filius Quill