EQ Key to Aerin`Dar’s Lair

Zone into Plane of Valor and head east to the tents

POV Map with quest guys

Find Johson


Hail him TWICE.

Type /say What compound?

Find Paralin


Hail him

Click brave

Type /say I will help your company

Click squad

Click razorfiend

Click assistance

Click trials

Click things

Find Master Sergeant Aaramis Daryln

master map


DO NOT HAIL HIM, but target him.

Type /say I am here to aid the cause

Click Aerin`Dar

Go back to Paralin

POV Map with quest guys

Hail Paralin

Click prove

Collect 1 heart from a razor fiend found in this cave

razorfiend cave

Collect 1 heart from the planarian larvae scattered about.

Collect 1 heart from a crystalline spider found across the bridge and into the wastelands

spider heart

Turn all 3 hearts into ParalinPOV Map with quest guys

Find Master Sergeant Aaramis

master map

Hail Master Sergeant Aaramis

Click glass lair

Click Aerin`Dar

Click company

Click mission


Find Captain Ryglot Cupperhide

cap map


Hail him

Click busy

Click help

Click mission

Click war

Click willing

Collect  this off of a gambit frog

Piece of the crystalline globe

Frog drop for staff

Collect this off  a Crystalline Crawler

orb piece

spider heart

Collect this off an Undead Vassal

undead pieceundead map

Turn in all three pieces to Captain Ryglot

He will give you  the key to the lair.

Dragon lair Key

Your now keyed to enter Aerin`Dar’s Lair.

Per allah “You have to hold the Crystalline Globe and push the lever at the lairs door, then the door circles open and everybody can enter to get to the dragon”