EQ Remember the Good Times

* This task was offline until the Dec 2, 2015 patch.

Head to Demiplane of life. Go to the north west government building.

Follow the map to the locked door

Room with arm muncher

You should be standing in front of this door.

life locked door

Use your Mirror to phase shift to Demiplane of Decay

Invis vs Undead after phase shifting and walk into the room.

Remember the good times pick up

Pick up the books that are circled.

This will put a recruitment letter in your bags.

recruitment letter

Step out of the room and phase back to Demiplane of Life.

Go to Anna Broth and turn in the recruitment letter.

path to anne

You should now have the group task Remember the Good Times.

Task Steps

  • Travel to the Plane of Health 0/1
  • Speak with Fenlu Coi 0/1
  • Seal invasion rifts 0/3
  • Kill underling decay invaders 0/15
  • Loot Stolen Life Fragments 0/10
  • Give Stolen Life Fragments to Fenlu 0/10
  • Travel to Demiplane of Decay 0/1
  • Absorb resurrected corpses 0/5
  • Absorb weakened Sentinels 0/3
  • Absorb silent devotees 0/5
  • Focus shard of healing on apparitions 0/1
  • Absorb Lonyen 0/1
  • Speak with Anna Broth 0/1
  • Find the underground bar’s back room 0/1
  • Use the Shard of Healing to preserve the adventure’s essence 0/1

Go back to zone in and click  the diamond to get to the Demiplane of Health.

Follow your map’s find to Fenlu Coi.

path to fenlu coi

Hail Fenlu and use keywords help and invading

Clicking any one of the crypts near the outpost will pop invaders to kill.

Crypt rifts

rift pop

After the you kill the 3 mobs more mobs continue to pop, kill them until you get a rift sealed update.

Move onto another crypt when that one seals and repeat the process.

Travel to Demiplane of Life and use your mirror to phase shift.

mirror fragment

Once in Demiplane of Decay  head to the underground tunnel and go west to the crypts and grave area.

underground map

vandel autoupdate

Go to the graves to the south west

grave needs water

Walk over a grave to spawn a mob, kill it to 50 and Right click your Shard of Healing with the mob targeted.

shard of healing

Get your 5 mobs done, then head to  the sentinels area

sentinels area

Pull  the sentinels in the air and kill to 50. Use your Shard of Healing to absorb them.


Next head to Plane of life and head to the merchant area.

merchants area

Walk up to a merchant booth and a silent devotee will pop. We didn’t have to kill them at all they all started at 10 percent life and we just had to absorb them with the Shard of Healing.

Head back to Anna and phase shift to Demiplane of Decay.

Target an apparition and right click the Shard of Healing for the update


Phase shift to Demiplane of Decay and target Lonyen and right click your Shard of Healing for an update.


Phase Shift back to Demiplane of Life. Talk to Anna Broth.

anna broth

She will send you to the bar they used to hang out in.

It is down the first wooden ramp to the east of zone in. Enter the back room for an update

.path to bar's back room

Clear the area of mobs and then use your Shard of Healing to finish the task.

See you on the next task