EQ Pentalateral Negotiations

This task starts in Frontier Mountains with the quest giver.

Envoy Kresh’va who is found in the far north east corner.


Keyword is help

This will assign your group a 6 person mission in Frontier Mountains.

Task steps

  • Speak with Tenlu Coi at the druid ring 0/1
  • Collect Enchanted Syldon Bark from Syldon Grove  Guardians 0/4
  • Use Enchanted syldon bark to ward 4 Drogan Eradicators 0/4
  • Return to Tenlu Coi at the druid ring 0/1
  • Speak with Ottar at the Flatpost giant tower to the southeast 0/1
  • Travel to the Farpost giant tower to the southwest 0/1
  • Kill Syldon Flamewardens assulting Farpost 0/6
  • Heal injured Farpost Guards 0/3
  • Speak with Roald outside Farpost 0/1
  • Speak with Earthcaller  Quill to the south 0/1
  • Collect Glowing frontier Gems 0/6
  • Give Glowing frontier gems to Earthcaller Quill 0 /6
  • Speak with Venomrider Di’aak to the east 0/1
  • Use Sticky Drogan Net to capture Highweb Spitters 0/6
  • Return to Venomrider Di’aak 0/1
  • Speak with Asza Do’Saraken to the NorthEast 0/1
  • Tell Asza Do’Saraken you are ready to escort a refugee 0/1
  • Escort your Lake Of Ill Omen refugee to the Northern Combine Camp 0/1
  • Report your mission findings to  Envoy Kresh’va 0/1


If you need help finding Tenlu hit M for map and use find


When you arrive at the paths end you will see


Take special note of the name on the right…  The Denmother is a salute to our awesome  community leader Niami Denmother who has operated EQ Traders Corner for years.

Special thanks to the devs for seeing her work and putting her in the game.

Hailing Tenlu Coi will give you an update and unlock the next two steps.

We have to remove the bark from 4 syldon grove guardians.

Find these near the druid rings and kill them for the bark.


Loot your 4 enchanted bark


Now take the bark and head west a little bit till you see this  odd sight.



Target the a Drogan eradicator and rick click 1 bark per  mob. This will update the task and send you back to Tenlu Coi.

Hailing Tenlu  will send you to speak to Ottar at the flatpost giant tower in the southeast.

Once again Ottar is on find.


Ottar is hard to miss.. he is kinda HUGE…


Ottar will insult you and send you to see what is going on at the Southwest tower.

As you  approach the Flatpost tower, you see  this and the task updates.


Pull the flamewardens off the giants and kill them. Loot this to heal the giants.


Target the giant and right click the item. The Giant will rush off.

The task auto updates  and you are sent to talk with Roald.

Roald is on the map and findable using find.



Hailing him sends  you to the south to see  Earthcaller Quill, who happens to be on find.



Hailing him updates the task and you are asked to collect 6 gems.

Clicking a bright crystal will pop a possessed gemsniffer, who you must kill.


Loot the Glowing Frontier Gem off the mobs.


Turn in all 6 gems to Earthcaller Quill. You are then sent to speak with venomrider Di’aak, who is conviently on find.



He sends you  to collect spiders with this net he gives you.


To the north is the spiders to kill to 50 and use the net on.


Netting the 6th spider updates the task and your asked to return to Venomrider Di’aak.

Hailing him sends you North East to speak with Asza Do’Saraken.



Hail  to get task update.

Hail again to begin the escort duty. You are assigned a ward that follows you.


Mobs pop along the way. Kill them


They come in waves as you move toward the north.

Single one

Single one

4 Ambushers

3 Ambushers and 1 Slaver

I failed at this step and got my team killed.Hailing Asza Do’Saraken again will let you try again.

I tried again and got one more wave done

3 Ambushers 1 Slaver 1 tracker and failed.

I returned with a bigger group today and killed the 5 mobs

Here is the locations of where the ambushes happened for me

ambsuh spots

The last thing to do is hail Envoy Kresh’va!envoy-kreshva

See you on the next task!