EQ A Feather in the Wind

This task starts with  the Bokon Karass in the Demiplane of Life

We found a new way to get to Bokon Karass YEAH!

From the Mayor follow this map

path to Bokon karass

Not sure how we missed that earlier.

Follow the bone paneled hallway to the bottom

paneled hallway

You will come out here and then follow the red line to Bokon Karass

karass map

Hail Bokon Karass use keyword assistance

This will assign you the group task A feather in the wind.

Task Steps

  • Speak with merchants of Sul Vius, they may have heard about the feather 0/1
  • Find and talk to the new comber described by the merchant 0/1
  • Force Kerath Punox to tell you what he knows 0/1
  • Talk to citizens in the city center, see if they know anything about thieves 0/1
  • Seek out thieves in the city area called the Heights in the north east 0/1
  • Follow the clue you found 0/1
  • Beat up the thief 0/1
  • And the minions 0/2
  • Looks like the thieves had the feather, get it 0/1
  • Give the feather to Bokon Karass. Or you could… 0/1
  • (Opt) Quiz Bokon Karass about the peacock feather, if you aren’t too concerned how he might respond 0/1
  • (Opt) Talk to Tarl and let him know that the thieves are dead and probably out of the business of selling stolen goods 0/1
  • (Opt) Or you could sell the feather to Kerath, regardless of how the Bokon might react 0/1

Head to the merchant area. During the early day the merchants are in there booths. The afternoons they retire to their houses.

merchant booth

merchants area

The merchant area is the squares on the map. The Red X was our update.

Target a merchant and /say feather

The merchant makes you think Kerath Punox is in on it.

Kerath NPC

Go talk to her. She don’t want to talk so in classic EQ fashion  beat her to 30 % life. Don’s use dots or she will not reset.

Go talk to this citizen

admirred cit

admir cit loc

This mob sends you to the heights housing area.

Follow map till update

heights update

Next follow the yellow find path to the thief.  The path varies so  just follow it.


As soon as your task updates the thief attacks and two more thieves join in to help. This is a tough fight. My merc died almost instantly.

Loot the feather



Now you can follow any of the optional steps in the tasks but we gave it to Bokon Karass for an update. He said he would mention you to his superiors in the Crypt of Sul, perhaps you might be allowed in.

See you on the next task