EQ Bane of Decay

This task starts in Demiplane of Life

Once there follow the map to the quest giverkerath

If you followed the map correctly you should see

Kerath NPC

Hail her. Use keyword private then for you then prevent a war

Click the floating diamond to zone into the HA.Click adventure when prompted.

Task steps

  • Speak to Lashun Novashine near the source of the infection
  • Cleanse the area of the corrupted inhabitants 0/10
  • Collect samples of corrupted tissue from the dead wild life 0/6
  • Deliver the corrupted tissue samples to Lashun Novashine 0/6
  • Destroy the totems spreading corruption and decay 0/6
  • Kill Darwol Adan 0/1
  • Rummage through Darwol’s Bounty for anything useful

You will see Lashun Novashine as soon as you zone in.

Hail Him for the task update.

All mobs marked as Corrupted count for the kills.You are looking for the mobs that are  normally in Plane of Health and not the invaders.

corupted mobs.jpg

Kill your 10 corrupted mobs and whatever trash mobs you need to and loot the 6 corrupted tissue. The mobs seem to be stunable and that helps take some of the healing out of the game.

corrupted tissue

Run and turn the 6 tissues into Lashun to continue.

He will tell you the totems are the source of the corruption and send you out to destroy them.

Make sure your tank merc is  on passive. The green aura is a 40k a tick hit so stay out of it.

Ranged DPS the totems dead.


Task locks on final totem kill.

Darwol Adan pops in the middle of the field and roams around.

He has a knock back so make sure you pull him to the wall and your tank  has back to wall. Clear any roaming swirling rocks that might assist.


Mob has a nasty 33k AE component to the knock back, so group heals a must.

Upon its death a chest pops at the mobs original spawn point which is in the middle of the field. /Open the chest and you win

glimering wand

On another run we earned

peacock cloak

See you on the next task