EQ Faith in Relife

This task starts in Demiplane of Life

Follow the map to the Mayor

path to mayor

Hail the mayor


Use the keyword task then shrines

The task  step  are

  • Visit the three
  • Visit the marker of doubt
  • Visit the marker of loss
  • Visit the scrolls of faith
  • Visit the vision of eternity
  • Visit the statue of eternity
  • Show your understanding by bringing the water of eternity to a citizen in need
  • Return the unhappy citizens to their graves
  • Speak with the mayor
  • Explain yourself to the Bokon Karass

Head to the underground entrance

Underground entrance.jpg

underground map

enter the pit and follow the path till you get to this split

path to three.jpg

Go north here till you reach this spot. Each red square on the map is a tomb you have to visit. Each blue line is the scroll you have to click. Here you will either need to clear the area of mobs or use invis vs undead. If the named is up, you will need to kill her to get around her.


sign to click

Next is see the vision of Eternity. The problem is there is a Guard who will not let you pass.

Line your group up here at the red dot. The Guard is the blue X.

three Gaurd

Right Click you Mirror Fragment of Anashti Sul to swap zones to Demiplane of Decay to ditch the  large guard who knocks you backwards.  Think of this like a phase shift in a science fiction film.

mirror fragment

Clear the undead that are blocking your entrance to the room.

Walk into the room  and huddle up in the left corner.

three huddle

Use your Mirror Fragment of Anashti Sul to  phase shift back to Demiplane of Life.

There may be a diligent guard and two undead mobs or three undead mob  in the room protecting the scroll

Clear these three mobs, or if all are undead use invis vs undead and click the scroll for the update.

Head back to the left corner of the room and phase back to Demiplane of Decay

three huddle

Depending how long you took, you might have to clear a few of the undead mobs in Demiplane of Decay.

Head back to this spot.

three Gaurd

Phase shift back to Demiplane of life.

Head back out to the zone in and on the right side of the zone in is a wooden ramp system. Follow the ramps all the way to the bottom.

ramps down

On one landing is a live see invis vs dead. You may need to kill him or be really sneaky.

diligent guard

One group member has to touch the Statue of Eternity which is at the bottom of the ramp.

statue of eternity

Clear the see invis vs undead and click it… You will be given

water of eternity.jpg

Back up the ramp and follow the map to the southern end of the top area with all the roads.

grave needs water

When your reach this area there is two roaming undead that are non aggro. Pull and kill them. They add during the next part.

Right click the Water of Eternity while standing over the grave

BE READY 3 unhappy citizens pop… Kill them

You will get a task update when you kill them

Now the Mayor wants to see you.

Run back to the Mayor and hail. Only one person needs to do this. Hailing him gives a task update.

Next you have to explain your self to the Bokon.

From the Mayor follow this map

path to Bokon karass

Follow the bone paneled hallway to the bottom

Invis vs Undead.You will come out here and then follow the red line to Bokon Karass

paneled hallway

karass map

bokon karass

Hail Bokon Karass for the update.

See you on the next task!