Group Gear Explained

This expansion got a needed gear update. For to long have we discarded hard earned gear when the next drop was won.

The new gear scales from level 75 to 110 and comes with a set of usable level 75 base stats. You add augments to each piece to move it to the next level of gear

For example, here is the Breastplate.


Now at level 105 you add your classes Type 5 augment.

For a cleric it’s this one

Slot 5 wis 105

At level 100 you would add this one if your a cleric

type 5 wis 100

Hopefully you can see how the gear scales.

For the Type 9 Augment,  a level 105 cleric would choose

Type 9 mana 105

While a level 100 would choose

type 9 mana 100

Are you not level 105 yet? No worries here is what a level 75 Cleric Breastplate looks like.

level 75 defiant BP75 cleric breastplate

So as you can see even for  a level 75 this expansion is a huge boost.