EQ Anashti Sul, Damsel of Decay

This task starts in Plane of Health with Lashun Novashine.


Hail him and use keyword try.

Zone into Demiplane of Life then use your mirror to phase to Demiplane of Decay.

Head down the tunnel in the Mayors building till you see…

Damsel of decay

 April 20 patch Update:

– Damsel of Decay (Group) – Bimbly Ironstein can help you to [leave] the instance and return to the static version of Sul Vius: Demiplane of Decay.
– Anashti Sul, Damsel of Decay ( Group) – All chat messages for these events will now use the Event Messages color and filter.
– Anashti Sul, Damsel of Decay ( Group) – Gift of Endless Life and Gift of Living Death now block Gifts of Anashti Sul. This should prevent being struck by the damage component of Gift of Living Death multiple times within the same volley.

With the April 20th patch(nerf) this event is finally beatable.

This event is all about mechanics.

Things needed to win

  • Everyone needs the ability to Disease Cure themselves.
  • Healers should cure:
    • Gift of Living Death  – 20k Dot. Needs Curse cure.
      • {S} receives the Gift of Living Death.
    • Enfeeblement – Decreases Spell and Melee haste. Needs Corruption cure.
      • {S} begins to cast a spell. <Enfeeblement>

Now here comes the annoying mechanics.

  • During the fight there is a bokon who shows up. One group member must aggro it and kite it or  stack them up with punt until a ooze type mob shows up.
  • You have to position the bokon over top the ooze. Both will despawn.

Individual cures to worry about- You will always have a debuff on you. Picking the right one is critical.

  • Withering Limbs XIII– Decrease spell and hit damage to zero
    • Your muscles atrophy.
    • Healers DO NOT want to cure this one.
    • All others cure with cure disease.
  • Withering Faith XIII – Decrease healing by 100 %
    • Your faith falters.
    • Tanks DO NOT want to cure this one.
    • All others cure with cure disease.
  • Withering Physicality XIII – Increase Incoming hit damage by 2560%
    • Your bones are brittle.
    • Casters DO NOT want to cure this one.
    • All others cure with cure disease.

Update : 10/9/16  NEW Gina Triggers are here.


Update: As of Feb 2107, I have tried this event numerous times post patch and have not won yet.

Update: It took 1 wizzy and 2 zerkers on full burn to pull this off.

Key to this is to Full burn from the start then chase  the named when it teleports to the lower room then finish your full burn.