EQ Undead Underground

This task starts in Demiplane of Decay with the mayor.

Mayor Wex

Hail him and use Keyword try

Task steps

  • Find the subversives that might be responsible for stealing Mayor Wex’s Baton 0/6
  • Keep looking for the baton 0/6
  • Eventually one of them must know where it is 0/6
  • Grab the balled up note 0/1
  • Look for the writer of the note you found 0/1
  • Find and defeat the thief 0/1
  • Grab the baton 0/1
  • Bring the note to the mayor 0/1
  • Bring the baron to the mayor 0/1
  • Open the Chest 0/1

Just behind the crypt is a 6 pack of leery mobs, bring a chanter…

leery mobs

Kill them till the task updates

Head north west to the back of the official building, this is tricky, you open the door to 6 mobs.

more leery

Kill till you get task update.

Head north to the housing office area

even more leery

Kill leery mobs till you get the update

You will get a Wrinkled Note- loot it


Head back to the zone in for an auto update

there will be a mouse that roams the circle around zone in.

A stealthy resident, Kill it and loot the baton

Head to the mayor and give him the note and the baton

/open the chest