EQ Under the Robe

This mission starts in Plane of Life with the Mayorpath to mayor

You should be standing if front of


Hail him and use keyword assist

Zone into Demiplane of Life and hit adventure. This is an instance.

Task steps are:

  • Stop the unruly citizens from destroying the town 0/18
  • Find some indication about why such exalted citizens are acting so strange 0/1
  • Deliver the item to the Mayor 0/1
  • Hand the item to Bokon Karass, see if he can explain why intruders are being relifed 0/1
  • Defeat the Bokon 0/4
  • Speak with the Mayor 0/1
  • Open the Chest. 0/1

Head to the heights off to the right and do the killing as you crawl up the road.

path crawl

You will have two ramps leading down to side areas with mobs that need killing also.

While your killing loot the Symbol of Marr

symbold of marr

Turn it into the Mayor

Then run down the wood ramps near zone in

Turn it into Bokon Karass

bokon ramp turn in

Behind where Weake is standing 4 Bokon pop and attack. Kill them

Go back and talk to the Mayor

/open the chest

severed spaulders

See you on the next task