EQ Task of Trust: Culling the Unreasonable

This task starts in Demiplane of Decay with Bokon Stuppa

Follow the path to Bokon Stuppa

path to stuppa

You should see


Hail him and use keyword unreasonable.

Task steps

  • Kill Ravenous or bloodthirsty citizens 0/8
  • Kill piles of decomposed flesh 0/4
  • Kill the out of control monstrosities 0/4
  • Kill Rotbrother 0/1
  • Speak with Bokon Stuppa 0/1

There is a few of the correct type citizens in the heights.

Height bloosthirsty


Next you will have to go to the crypt area via the tunnel system.

path to tunnels  Decay

Follow the tunnel west to the crypt area.

cellar to crypt path

Kill your four raging monstrosity they are around the crypts.

raging mons

The ravenous citizens are in the cells marked in red

Locs of Ravenous cits


rav citizen

Kill Rotbother when you can. He just roams around and is bothersome to groups.


Next head to the statue of eternity area via the wood ramps near zone in.

decay ramps

Kill your 4   decomposed mobs on the way down. If the correct mob type is not up you will have to kill the undead frogs to spawn them.


Head on back to Bokon Stuppa for the final hail


See you on the next task