EQ Jewelcraft evolving your trophy

Warning this will probably be seen as an exploit!

Equip your 6/7 Mastery Jeweler Trophy


1 x Jeweler’s Glass

1 x Half-Moon Cut Tool

1 x Energized Gemstone ( on xeg they are plentiful and cheep in bazaar)

Once you get a success

Close experiment mode

Open your Planar Jeweler’s Kit

Search for Half-Moon Cut Energized Gemstone

Check make all and hit combine

It took 425 successful combines to reach 7/7 fully evolved.


For trophy evolving,  the recipe trivial has to be above 350

The way this particular recipe is coded it returns the Half-Moon Cut Tool and the Jeweler’s Glass, but it does so as a successful combine!

What this means is that every  successful combine of this recipe counts as 3 successes for evolving the trophy.

Get it while it works!