EQ Key to Bastion of Thunder

Zone into Plane of Storms

askr map


  1. Find and hail Askr the Lost in the caves
  2. Loot a Storm Giant Head from the giants outside the cave to the west.storm giant head
  3.  Turn the head in to Askr
  4. Type /say It was me
  5. Type /say Yes, I am paying attention
  6. Type /say Continue
  7. Type /say Continue
  8. Receive Askr’s Bag of Veracity
  9. askr bag
  10.  Loot a Storm Volaas Beard from the ocean giants
  11. beard
  12.  Loot a Storm Taarid Bone from the desert giants
  13. Bone
  14.  Loot a Storm Satuur Sash from the forest giants
  15. sash.jpg
  16.  Combine the three items in Askr’s bag, making this
  17. Askrs sealed bag
  18. Turn the sealed bag  into Askr the Lost
  19. Minor flagged Recieved
  20. Type /say What is Bastion of Thunder?
  21. Receive a bag again
  22.  Loot an Esoteric Medallion from the named giant of any two of the three areas, NOTE:  they are lore, so while the items look the same, they are not.
  23. Esoteric medallion
  24. Combine the 2 Medallions in the bag, resulting in this
  25. Medals melded.jpg
  26. Turn the Esoteric Meld into Askr
  27. You are now Flagged for Bastion of Thunder