EQ Dead Wrong

This mission starts in Demiplane of Decay with Mayor Soltiman Wex.path to mayor wex

If you followed the map correctly you should see…

Mayor Wex

Hail him and use keyword black and white.This will assign the group task Dead Wrong.

Task Steps

  • Speak to Carmit Ellison 0/1
  • Change persuaded citizen’s minds 0/5
  • Kill persuaded citizens 0/5

Head to the heights area and Carmit paths around


Hail her for update.

Follow the path till you see persuaded citizens they are in the houses also.

Hail them and use keyword wrong for an update or they will attack and you must kill them.


Hail for updates and kill your 5 each.

I got a pretty  good nuke in on one of them


Head back to Mayor for final hail

Mayor Wex

See you on the next task