EQ Deaths of the Unliving

This task starts with  the Bokon Karass in the Demiplane of Life

We found a new way to get to Bokon Karass YEAH!

From the Mayor follow this map

path to Bokon karass

Not sure how we missed that earlier.

Follow the bone paneled hallway to the bottom

paneled hallway

You will come out here and then follow the red line to Bokon Karass

karass map

Hail Bokon Karass use keyword problem then not to busy

Steps are

  • Speak with caretakers of the sacred crypts and see if they have any information 0/1
  • Dig up one of the bodies and examine it 0/1
  • You will need a shovel 0/1
  • Dig up one of the graves 0/1
  • Examine the body 0/1
  • Find the killer 0/1
  • See if you can find the merchant that Lapa was talking about 0/3
  • You couldn’t find anything on any merchants. Go and speak with Lapa again 0/1
  • Find and speak with Lapa 0/1
  • Defeat Lapa 0/1
  • Tell Bokon Karass what you learned 0/1
  • Oh, and give Bokon Karass the shovel you, um, borrowed 0/1

Travel to the caretakers. Hail for update


Travel to the graves to the south

grave needs water

You will get an auto update by walking over the graves to the right of the red circle.

Pull and kill morticians until you get a shovel on your cursor.

Target the grave. Right Click the shovel

A corpse pops and the task auto updates.

Next travel to the jail thru the underground passage in the merchant area.

underground map

This time your gonna follow the path west

lapa jail

Hail Lapa for the update.

Make your way out of the tunnels back topside.

Hail 3 merchants and kill them

Make your way back to where Lapa was on the map. You will get an auto update.

lapa jail

Head back to zone in. On the east side of the area is a wooden bridge follow it down till you see Lapa The Escaped.

ramps down

Hail Lapa. Kill Lapa.

lappa dead

Head back up the wood ramps  and follow your new found path back to Bokon Karass.

path to Bokon karass

Follow the bone paneled tunnel all the way down

paneled hallway

Hug the right wall and follow the  red line

karass map

Hail Bokon Karass

bokon karass

Turn in the shovel for the final update.

See you on the next task