EQ a Concerned Citizen

This Quest starts in Lceanium with a Concerned Citizen inside the city walls.concerned-cit



Key words are Hurt then Task then Commendation

Tasks Steps:

  • Speak with a harried page
  • Ask Scribe Oastlides to [Recommend] you.
  • Buy Form 241B from a records clerk and fill it out
  • Buy Form 989S from a record clerk and fill it out
  • Deliver 1 Complete Form 241B to the harried page
  • Deliver 1 Complete Form 989S to the harried page
  • Deliver 1 Scribe Oastalides’ Recommendation to the harried page
  • Deliver 1 Combine Commendation to the concerned citizen
  • Speak with the page about the [Minister]
  • Go to the location mentioned in the note from the page.

Go see the harried page and hail him.



Type /say what can I do for a commendation?

He will give you a list of things to go get.

  • Letter of Recommendation from Scribe Oastalides( who is found in Kata Kastrum )
  • Form 241B
  • Form 989S
  • Forms are from the records clerk/ parcel gnome in Lceanium

Head to Katta and go target Scribe Oastalides.

type /say I need a recommendation.

He will give you the required  recommendation


Head back to Lceanium and to the records clerk.


Buy your two forms. Now right click the form and it will fill out. 10 second cast.

Update: right click the form and hit duck 10 times to get each form done faster.

You will do this numerous times to each form. The questions are pretty funny so read them. Dev Humor at its best.

Deliver the items to a harried page for update. He will give you this.


Upon turn in to the concerned citizen you get a trigger text of Concerned

Head back to the page and Type /say what is wrong with the minister?

This gives you a trigger text of talking.

Type /say You know what I am talking about.

The page slips you a note.


This is where it gets cool! There is a mystery to solve!


He wants you to meet him outside the city.


Bring a Group.. Its a trap. Walk up to the rock and  two large monsters pop and try to kill you.

Kill them

If you die and someone else kills your spawned mobs, you have to redo the whole task again.

Dev change : If you fail this step you may type /say meeting to the harried page to reset this step

Go back to the harried page

type /say nice ambush!

That’s it for this task. It auto rolls into the next task called Contacting the Leadership.