EQ Task of Trust: Culling the Unworthy

This task starts in Demiplane of Decay with Bokon Stuppa

Follow the path to Bokon Stuppa

path to stuppa

You should see


Hail him and use keyword unworthy.

Task Steps

  • Acquire a heavy meat cleaver from a butcher 0/1
  • Hack off several arms from adventures 0/5
  • Hack off several legs from adventures 0/5
  • Deliver the severed arms to Bokon Decker 0/5
  • Deliver the severed legs to Bokon Decker 0/5

Head down the ramps near zone in to the butchers.

butcher path

Now head to the hallway near Mayor that leads to the pit.

Tunnel to pit

Kill adventures to 35 Percent then use the cleaver on the mob



Loot the limbs

If you run out of adventurers go to the wooden bridge area for more.

Head to the tunnel to the crypt area

path to tunnels  Decay

cellar to crypt path

Turn in the body parts to Bokon Decker

Bokon decker

Head back to Bokon Stuppa and give him the cleaver.

Bokon Stuppa



See you on the next task