EQ Empires of Kunark Progression

These are linear and are to be done in this order


Required Quests:

  1. Concerned Citizens
  2. Contacting the Leadership ( 7 sub tasks)
    • Vegetable Supplies
    • Water Supplies
    • Meat Supplies
    • Component Supplies
    • Metal Supplies
    • Repurposed Supplies
    • Momentum Supplies
  3. Disappearing Dragons
  4. Sneaky Sarnak

Upon completion of these 4 tasks one will be able to request the raid Doorsteps of War.

 Scorched Woods

Required Quests:

  1. Chardok Path
    1. Digging yourself Deeper
    2. Where is Burning Woods
  2. Temple of Droga Path
    1. The Last Grove
    2. On Nobody’s Side

Frontier Mountains

Required Quests:

  1. Pentalateral Negotiations
  2. Informal Diplomacy
  3. Rocks Boom for Twigslam
  4. Sarnak Among Us

Temple of Droga

Required Quests:

  1.  Corrupt Before the Fall
  2. Purifying the Purifier
  3. Corrupting to Corrupt
  4. Pure Success
  5. Rebellion of the Pure


Required Quests:

  1. Probing the Fortress
  2. Their Own Medicine
  3. Destabilizing Chardok
  4. A Lost Chokadai
  5. Hermit’s Paradise
  6. Violence for Silence

Kor-Sha Laboratory

Required Quests:

  1. Investigating the Mysterious Sarnak
  2. Methods of Sarnak Destruction
  3. Testing and Research