EQ Where is Burning Woods?

This task unlocks upon having completed Digging Yourself Deeper.

This task unlocks Chardok Partisan Progression.

This task starts with Domina Caelestis in Scorched Woods


The actual  trigger word is well hidden and hard to get to and it is best to just type it

type /say lend us your assistance.

Task steps

  • Talk to Doacaan Drakay
  • Explore the hive of Lenecia, Dauber Queen
  • Explore the hive of Kejuan, dauber Warlord
  • Kill Daubers 0/8
  • Talk to Domina Caelestis
  • Kill Forest Giant Lookouts 0/6
  • Collect Kromdul Lookout Reports 0/3
  • Locate the Kromdul Leadership
  • Deliver Kormdul Lookout Reports to Tactician Orlexa 0/3
  • Kill undead gorillas 0/8
  • Talk to tactician Orlexa
  • Kill constructs 0/6
  • Collect Smoldering Construct hearts 0/3
  • Deliver Smoldering Construct Hearts to tactician Orlexa 0/3
  • Explore the entrance to Chardok
  • Talk to Juikanazza Deepfinder
  • Kill a Sarnak Courier
  • Kill Sarnaks 0/12
  • Collect Coded missive
  • Deliver coded missive to Domina Caelestis


Doacaan is to the right of her. Just hail him

Now head to the southwest corner of the zone. Wonder around inside the large mud huts in the area marked in blue to get an update. You can do this invised, just avoid the slime piles.


Once you have the two location updates, it is time to kill 8 of the Daubers.


Head back to Domina for the hail when you are done killing your bees.

Head to the NE to the giant fort.

Here you have one on the ground, and allot up above. Blue path is to follow. Red Circles is the lookouts.lookout-loc

Next head south on the ramps to the leadership


Next head to turn in your reports to Tactician Orlexa


Next head north a tad and kill 8 gorillas


Hail Tactician Orlexa when done killing Gorillas.

Head east to kill the constructs.


Turn in your 3 hearts to Tactician Orlexa

Next head to this spot for an update


Next go around the corner to Deepfinder


After hail, go here to kill your sarnak courier


While here,  kill your 12 Sarnak.

Head back to Domina Caelestis, and give her the coded missive.

See you in Chardok!