EQ Specific Computer Tips

If you run windows 10 with windows defender with EQ logs on and GINA running.. you might have noticed EXTREME graphics lag and a hard drive light constantly on during raids.

I think I finally nailed down the beast tonight.

Meet Microsoft’s  Super Fetch.

This program will load frequently used files into ram for easier access.

Here is  the problem

1. Everquest opens the log file and writes to the log file.

2. Super fetch sees it is a file it would like to have in ram, so it loads the entire log file to ram for use

3. Windows defender sees it is a new file and scans it.


So to sum it up, your pc is loading the file 3 times for every line of a log file.

Now here is the kicker.. if you have a SSD hard drive super fetch is disabled by default and you will likely not have this issue.

Click the links for instructions on how to fix this!

Windows Defender Fix

Windows 10 Super Fetch Fix

Most pc’s have multiple cores these days.. here is the fix for that

EQ + Multiple core processors

Flowchar for what happens