EQ Sneaky Sarnak

This task is obtained from Salus Acilia upon completion of Disappearing Dragons

Update: You will need a mixing bowl again!


Type /say task

This will give you to option to redo Disappearing Dragons again  or  get the new task Sneaky Sarnak

Task steps tell you what zone to be in

  • Go to the combine outpost  near the giant fort
  • Greet Ambassador Paulus
  • Defend the ambassador and yourself 0/3
  • Speak with the ambassador about the [ambush]
  • Search the bodies  in the ruined building nearby
  • Collect 4 Wasp Honey 0/4
  • Collect 3 Ever Bruning Woods 0/3
  • Collect 2 Fire Elemental Essence 0/2
  • Collect 1 Sarak Musk 0/1
  • Create 1 Stupefying Sarnak Pheromones using tradeskills
  • Go to the Sarnak fort to the northeast
  • Speak with the Sarnak
  • Ask Haggle Baron Dry’dn what the Sarnak’s [intentions] are
  • Find the “she” that Haggle Baron Dry’dn spoke of
  • Deliver 1 Lcea’s note to Haggle baron Dry’dn
  • Go to the meeting
  • Kill the Sarnak attacking Lcea 0/4
  • Ask Lcea Katta [why] she killed Dry’dn
  • Report to Indagatrix Salus Acilia that Lcea Katta says you are done

Head to the north west of Scorched Woods


Hail Ambassador Paulus. This will trigger a Sarnak Assassin to pop. Update: This puts you in combat and you can not pop a merc.


The NPC’s killed it for an update.

Once the NPC’s  kill one Sarnak another will come charging in.

This time the second NPC wondered off and left the ambassador alone.

I tried to heal ambassador, but it did not work and he died and so did I.

I went back with my merc tank. The merc died fast enough to call it useless. I died again.

Building a group now… Killed the 3 sarnark

Target the ambassador and type /say nice ambush!

Use trigger assist

Use trigger increase

Use trigger organized

Use trigger idea

Use trigger Pheromones

Use trigger formula

Now make your way to here by following the yellow path till it fades.


Stand at that spot till the task updates.

Good put the ground spawns on the map of the ever burning wood, so go grab them first.

The respawn on them is LONG.. so bring a coffee.

They look like this


Found here


We found the elementals next


They look like this


Kill them and loot two


Head North East to the Sarnak area for the musk


Kill Sarnak till you get your


Now we need to find the wasps, they are in the extreme south west


Kill  ember daubers


Loot 4 of the


You remembered your mixing bowl right? Combine all the stuff you looted in the bowl and hit combine.

It makes


Head north east to the fort.

You get an update as you walk in the fort.


Head to where you see the green dots and click  your newly made Sarnak pheromones

Pull a Sarnak and continue to hail them while fighting.

Eventually you will get the trigger [help]

Clicking it does nothing, but typing /say help will update the speak to the Sarnak step.

Head on over to Haggle Baron



Target him and type /say what are the sarnak’s intentions?

Use trigger test

Use trigger pay

Now head back to Lceanium and head to the main building with Tsaph and his daughter Lcea.

Walking into the room will update the task and give you a note and also eject your from the room


Head back to Scorched woods and over to the Haggle Barron again to give him the note.

Head to Lceanium and over to the druid rings to the meeting.


When you get there its another ambush!


Kill 4 sarnak

Target Lcea Katta and type /say why did you kill him?


type /say why is he lying?

type /say who is lying?

Now return back to Salus Acilia and target her and type /say Lcea Katta says I am done.

If you done Concerned Citizens, Contacting the Leadership,  and Disappearing Dragons then by completing this one your now flagged to request group missions and the first raid from Preator Denik.


See you on the next task