EQ Paying One’s Respects

This mission starts in Demiplane of Decay with Mayor Soltiman Wex

path to mayor wex

If you followed the path correctly you should see

Mayor Wex

Hail him and use keyword handsome and cunning then built on a foundation then gain an understanding.

Task steps

  • Visit the Three 0/1
  • Visit the Marker of Doubt 0/1
  • Visit the Marker of Loss 0/1
  • Visit the Scrolls of Faith 0/1
  • Visit the Vision of Eternity 0/1
  • Visit the Statue of Eternity 0/1
  • Read the Record of Deeds to waiting rotters 0/5
  • Kill waiting rotters, if they attack you 0/2
  • Give the record of the deeds to the mayor 0/1

Follow the map to the tunnel system

path to tunnels  Decay

Go down the cellar doors and follow the map to

path to the decay three

Click the scrolls on the glass boxes as you go.

decay scrollsEach red box is a location you need. Each blue line is the scroll location.


There is a few live mobs that need to be cleared before hitting scrolls

Once those step update go to the zone in and to the east follow the wooden bridge down to the statue of eternity.

statue of eternity decayThe pile of caustic flesh are live. Kill them to get to statue.

The statue will give you this once touched.

register of deeds

Next head to the government buildings in the west go to the roof

You will see

waiting rotters

Target a waiting rotter and read the record of deeds by right clicking it.

Some more of the waiting rotters are outside around the nest building. A few are inside it also.


The attacking rotters have no honor in death either and run at low health. Snare is needed.

Head back to the mayor and turn in the Record of Deeds.

See you on the next task