EQ Defenders of the Faith

This task starts in Demiplane of Life

Once there follow the map to the quest giverkerath

If you followed the map correctly you should see

Kerath NPC

Hail her and use the keyword private then opportunity then do the work.

Your group should now have the task Defenders of the Faith.

Head to the crystal in Plane of Life and click it and hit Adventure to zone in.

Task steps are

  • Speak to Syrina Pureheart 0/1
  • Stop the bubonian thralls. They lead the assault. 0/12

Hail Syrina Pureheart at the zone in to get the task update.

As soon as you hail the NPC  rat men will march up to the zone in and attack  in waves  of 4 at a time till you kill all 12.

Stack up at the throne area and have a group member watch North South East and West.

Kill them as they come in.

defender invader

The task locks when the 12 rat man dies.

A named called Xhut Adan pops and comes at your area. Kill him.

xhut adan

Now 16 slimes come at you, kill them


Another named  Kavilis Adan comes at you when the 16th slime dies. Be ready.

Kavillis Adan

Upon its death two infected winged defenders attack your groups healers. Kill the two mobs and you will most likely need to rez a healer mid fight so bring a rez token.

rez token

infected invaders

once they are dead you can loot the chest


See ya on the next task