Welcome to Narogg’s Place

So if you haven’t figured it out yet ROS is all about taking TradeSkills past 300.

Fantastic work here on the topic. http://www.townshiprebellion.com/tradeskills-home

I am trying to tackle Blacksmithing.  Posting as I learn.

EQ Maps are a necessity. Each maker has a loyal following, so here is both map makers.

Goods Maps VIP pack released

Brewall’s Maps




9 thoughts on “Welcome to Narogg’s Place

  1. I like the walk-through definitely helpful, Thanks for taking the time to make all of this it seems like alla and eqresource are way behind. I wish I could find some more encounter information.


  2. I would update the map pack with the recent version. Beta maps file where named differently for a few days and they had the same name as the older version thus saving over it. So the pack as some blank layers now.

    and lots as been added ever since. I would call the pack final a day prior launch as they keep adding and removing content but updating it atm would be wise.


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