EQ Empires of Kunark

EoK Maps with Named  are found here

  • Seven new zones:
    • Lceanium
    • Scorched Woods
    • Frontier Mountains
    • Droga
    • Chardok
    • Gates of Kor-Sha
    • Kor-Sha Laboratory
  • Eight new raids
  • The only NEW feature of the expansion is the Familiar Key Ring.
  • There is no level increase!

How to get to EoK.

If you bought the collectors edition or premium edition you can click the personal Ancient Iksar Translocator Stone or if your guild bought a Premium Edition, they could place a Ancient Iksar Translocator Statue in the Grand Guild Hall for members to click on.

Live Update: Guild portal tenders sell…


Which ports you to Lceanium.

If you didn’t buy the CE or PE then you can get to the new expansion via the Nexus

Hail Persy Clutches in the center of the Nexus and get your Spire Stone of Lceanium   persy

Keyword is Power then Spire Stone of Lceanium

Wait in the middle for the spires to port you.

You will arrive in the spires in Lceanium. Head South from the spires to the city.