EQ Disappearing Dragons

This quest starts in Lceanium in the north east with


Hail her and follow the dialog to get the task.

Task steps:

  • See if you can find any traces of Gorenaire near the yeti cave
  • See if you can find any traces of Gorenaire near the druid ring
  • See if you can find any traces of Gorenaire near the wizard spire
  • Follow the trail
  • Defend yourself and kill the Drakes coming after you
  • Follow the trail
  • Ask the guard is they have seen anyone [unusual]
  • Follow the trail
  • Ask the golem if it has seen anyone out of [place]
  • Follow the trail
  • Ask the page if they have seen anyone [suspicious]
  • Follow the trail
  • Kill drachnid to look for clues 0/10
  • Go into the Scorched Woods
  •  Ask one of the salus soldiers if they have seen anyone [suspicious]
  • Follow the trail
  • Kill Sarnak to look for clues 0/10
  • Share your [conclusions] with Indagatrix Salus Acillia

She will send you east to the  yeti cave Stand at the entrance till it updates


Then the druid Circle


Then the wizzy spires


This will give you a red X on the map. Bring a group its a trap


A mob jumps you when you get there.


Upon dying and going back, it now pops two drakes! Merc tank died almost instantly.

Looks like I need a group with a real tank.

Going back we had 3 pop initially and then waves of singles until the task updated. Think we killed 6 total?

Update: If you died and someone else killed your drakes you are now bugged and have to join another group on the same step to progress.

You will get a yellow trail to follow


When you get there ask the right guard

type /say have you seen anything unusual?

Use trigger woman, off, attention

This gives you another trail


Target the golem and type /say anything out of place?

then type /say anything outside normal parameters?

Then type /say is anyone in there?

Follow the trail deeper


Target the page and type /say have you seen anything suspicious?

Use trigger women

Use trigger stood

Use trigger intense

Follow the trail again.


When you get there it asks you to kill 10 drachnid.

I seen Wizzy, Monks,  and Necro easily soloing them. I, however, can not and have to find a group.

Once I found a group and got them caught up to where I was we dispatched 10 spiders.

Head to scorched woods in the upper north east


Of course I crashed on zone in, so there is that…

Once in, go in and left to the soldiers. You will get an update.


Target the guard at the entrance

type /say Have you seen anyone suspicious?

They will send you to the next guard.

Target the next guard and type /say Have you seen anyone suspicious?

Use trigger Indagatrix Salus Acilla

Use trigger citizen

Use trigger hide

Use trigger walked

The guard gives you a general direction to go

The map has a red  on it, go to it


Once  there you  get this update.


Next you have to go kill 10 Sarnak

They are in the NE of the zone marked in red on map


Once you kill your 10 Sarnak head back to Lceanium

Tip: Sarnak are buffed  so make sure you dispel them to make killing go faster.

Target Salus Acilia and type /say I have come to a conclusion.

Use trigger her

Use trigger city

Use trigger hurry

Use trigger scorched

Use trigger infiltrating

Use trigger disappointing

This completes the task and rolls into the next with the trigger task

See you on Sneaky Sarnak