EQ No Reverence for the Fallen

This mission starts in Demiplane of Decay with Mayor Soltiman Wex.path to mayor wex

If you followed the map correctly you should see…

Mayor Wex

Hail him and use keyword personal favor. This assigns the No Reverence for the Fallen Mission.

Task Steps

  • Kill adventurers 0/4
  • Return to Mayor Soltiman Wex 0/1
  • Kill the Bokon 0/8
  • Speak to Bokon Stuppa 0/1

You can find adventures on the paths to the basement or the wooden bridge.


Kill your 4 adventurers.

Return to the Mayor to tell him how sorry the bokon are.

Kill 8 bokon

sorry bokon

Head to Bokon Stuppa

Bokon Stuppa


Hail for update.

See you on the next task