EQ Crypt Crimes

This task starts with  the Mayor in the Demiplane of Life

Follow the map to the Mayor

path to mayor

You should now be standing in front of Mayor Salvador West


Hail him use keyword tasks then crypts.

This will give you the task Crypt Crimes

Steps are

  • Find one of the caretakers in the crypts and speak with them 0/1
  • Find possible vandalism targets and keep an eye or two out for vandals 0/1
  • Stop the vandals trying to break the windows 0/5
  • Tell Varnor Clegg to STOP inciting citizens to damage sacred crypts 0/1
  • Stop Varnor Clegg in any way you can 0/1
  • Deliver Varnor’s skull to the Mayor, as proof of your efforts 0/1
  • The Mayor asked you to deliver the skull to the Bokon for proper handling 0/1
  • Speak with the Mayor about what Bokon Karass said 0/1

BE AWARE you just can’t go walking thru the city now. You are Kill On Sight during this task and if you get within about 50 feet of a mob they attack. Invis VS Undead works.

Head to this spot to talk to the crypt caretaker, this is behind the crypts off the main south road.

cleaner location

Make sure you are Invis Vs Undead or he will attack and kill you.

Hail him for the update.

dutiful cleaner

Head to this spot on the map for an auto update

vandel autoupdate

When you get the update you will see two vandals behind you and some more inside.  Since your now KOS there is no real safe pull spot other then the auto update location marked on the map above. Pull and kill the 5 mobs.vandals

Move to this spot. Green is camp red is mobs path.

varnor camp

Target Vernor Clegg when he roams by and /say Stop. When you do the mob will stop.He will ramble about something… Attack him and kill him.

Mobs spells

  • Varnor’s Curse – Decrease Hit points by 25770 per tick
  • Word of Revelation. -Decrease Hit points by 54539

One person needs to loot his head for the quest.

That person needs to head back to the Mayor and give him the skull they looted.

varnor skull

path to mayor

Then that same person needs to Head to Bokon Karass  and give him the skull they looted.

He is below the Statue of Eternity. Click it to move it.

statue of eternity

Drop from the ramp to the green tunnel on the map. Make your way to the red line and follow it to Bokon Karass.

paneled hallway

karass map

The rest of the group can be waiting at the Mayor while the skull running is done.

After you get the update from Bokon Karass, any group member can hail the mayor to finish the quest.

See you on the  next task