Narogg’s Heal Parser

What it does: This parser looks at your log file and parses all your heals. Works on all classes. You will be very surprised how much self healing a warrior does. This parser will show you things that no other parser can. At this point, I have over a few days of coding into this, and over half a year of concept design. I started this project back in fall of 2015.

What’s in the build?

log parse
Initial screen- all Data in parse –
Drill down capable by encounter- double click
Ability to drill down to healee by encounter- double click
Cleric and Shaman AA triggered heals are logged also.

To do:
TESTING on Druid log file – sadly I do not have a raid file where I played as a druid. Send me one @ –
Stats page on drill down
Take requests on what people would like to see from the stats page

Known issues:
*Encounter detection is being split up by successful ranged attacks and Player Named Pets attacks – I asked the EQ devs if they could look into the error that is causing this as it is on the EQ Client side and has to do with how a ranged and pet attacks are reported to others logs.

*if you double click a table heading instead of a encounter name or healee name it throws an error, single click still sorts it by that column.

*TotalHeal does not tally correctly on drill down.

Feed back is welcome as long as you don’t tell me to /quit!
Tested on windows 8 & windows 10 ( I don’t have any windows 7 machines anymore )

First thing you need to have is MS SQL Server 2014 Express Local DB

Update- Microsoft released MS SQL 2016 on May 31, 2016 breaking my previously posted link.

Install the 2014 version here.

Go a head and install it and reboot the PC.
What this software does is runs a small service that allows the heal parser to write to the Hard drive in a SQL database instead of keeping everything in memory.

Now for what you all have been waiting for.

Narogg’s Heal Parser


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